A New Life.

What could that mean for you?

Within a forever changing landscape of personal, work, community life, being prepared to develop your sense of self and to build skills for acceptance of change, new ways of working and transformation is an essential skill for individuals.

My New Life as a transformational coach means freedom to evolve new and different capabilities and to grow with the flow. My focus is on self, self-leadership, and challenging past beliefs no longer serving me that I lived by in my previous corporate setting.

Transformation does not dwell in the past. A card chosen randomly today from “The Universe has your back”  card deck by Gabrielle Bernstein:

“I let go of the shadow of the past by seeing someone for the first time with the eyes of love.”

This message is timely in my case, reinforcing that I am moving forward in my newfound career, loving who I am becoming and connecting with the higher purpose of my future work.

The message from the Universe today has changed the post that I was intending to write by bringing my story into the now and not coming from the past. My strengthened belief in myself enables alignment with mind, body and spirit and brings reconnection with nature, beauty, creativity and my passion to serve others.

Developing your sense of self, self-leadership and evolving with transformational shifts in your experiences can connect you with your life’s purpose.

Focusing on your ‘self’ and developing who you are, accepting new ways of thinking and letting go of thoughts and feelings that hold you back in a place in time.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”  Albert Einstein

Grow into your personal transformation! I can help you with that! Book a Complimentary Discovery Call here:


Try this to relieve stress…

Try this to relieve stress…

Changing my daily rituals to include inspiring affirmations, aromatherapy and building self-development practices into my day have led me through a healing path to reconnect with nature, beauty, creativity and my passion to serve and give the opportunity to others that has transformed me.

Maintaining a positive attitude and mindset can be challenging at times, and especially if you are undergoing stress at work, changing jobs and more so if you have lost your job.

Life can get pretty stressful when you are trying to search for your ideal life purpose, or just doing many things at once, and this can result in tension, fatigue, stress and negative feelings.

Aromatherapy is a popular and easily available method for relieving stress and reducing anxiety, as well as assist by creating a feeling of restfulness and a good night’s sleep.

Cynthia Deng in Yale Scientific, 2011 says that the scent of citrus aromas such as lemon, bergamot and sweet orange has promoted reduced anxiety and mood. And with the power of the mind believing that the power of aromatherapy will be beneficial there will be improvement. Incorporate this mindset practice with meditation for strengthened influence to create a positive mood.

Some aromatherapy suggestions ideal for overcoming procrastination, ease stress & anxiety, and energise for your task you have been avoiding:

Wild Orange, Peppermint & Frankincense Essential Oils

Place two drops of Wild Orange, Peppermint and Frankincense in the palm of your hand. Rib hands together then inhale deeply. Use this method when feeling moments of stress.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Apply two drops to the palms of your hands for a quick energiser by inhaling the power of the aroma. You can also include two drops of Wild Orange.

Grapefruit/Lemon/Bergamot/Lime Essential Oil

Rub two drops of any of these citrus essential oils in your palms and then rub a small amount under your nose to sharpen focus for concentration. Please note that some citrus oils can be photosensitive so check the label.

In all cases always follow the directions on the label of the particular brand of essential oil used. Post here to let me know your results, I’d love to know!

If you need essential oils you can purchase through my website: https//:livingessentialoils.net

My journey to coaching

You spend so much time at work, you deserve to be happy while you’re there.

My story of change and transformation to realise my dream job. The journey begins…

The last twelve months of working in the corporate setting were a slow, crushing period of rapid change and disruption. My purpose in the workplace had vanished through various leadership decisions that saw my voice as a leader diminished, and my role as a delegate snuffed out.

The waiting time for the proposed organisational change to roll out dragged enough to create turmoil and uncertainty at most levels of the organisation, and I believe the chaos created through this was intentional as a management strategy. How did I survive this?

My personal strategy was one of continuing to assist the people I worked with to try and maintain the flow of work for the wellbeing of staff and our customers. So much job uncertainty led to undermining behaviours, blame shifting and even rogue practices, and I was not exempt from the impact of these.

When long term colleagues begin practicing these behaviours it can have one of two results. It can make you stronger or it can erode self-confidence.

What was the impact on me?

My initial realisation was that my self-confidence had been eroded. I had already been physically slowed down, feeling lethargic and battling painful joints, and received two diagnoses of auto-immune disease which placed me on a merry-go-round of doctor visits, high doses of toxic drugs, emergency surgeries and feeling traumatised. I had never really been sick much in my life and this was a shock.

Stress! A big contributor to workplace fatigue and loss of inspiration. I maintained my role with diminished resources and voices of criticism about time taken away from work.

So when my final day of work arrived I certainly had mixed feelings. Sadness for the colleagues that I loved and would miss. Pride in my years as a creative leader in this organisation and the innovative projects that we accomplished as a team. And relief.

I now had time to concentrate on many creative projects that had not seen any attention, and time to concentrate on myself. And this has been the most important and stimulating aspect of leaving a major identifying career to having time for self-appraisal. Time for the passion projects waiting for attention. The biggest one for me is life coaching.

Reinvention and revival

I started working with a creative and career coach to rediscover me. I had for some years toyed with the idea of becoming a life coach and now the opportunity was ready and open for me. Discovering who I was behind the mask that I had donned every day with my corporate wardrobe was important deep dive work and engaging the support to clarify my core worth and being has been inspirational work for me.

Changing my daily rituals to include inspiring affirmations and building self-development practices into my day have led me through a healing path to reconnect with nature, beauty, creativity and my passion to serve others and give the opportunity to others that has transformed me.

Are you missing the inspiration you seek in your job?

If you answer yes, then working with a me as your coach could guide you to discover the joy you want back in your life.

5Cs of Goal Setting

5Cs of Goal Setting

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a goal that you set and forget and a really great goal that inspires you?

Over the last six months, I have trained as a life coach and I’ve learnt that goal setting is a major factor in productively working with a life coach.

Why? You need to relate to and feel your goals, being inspired by your vision for success and happiness.

There are many different reasons for setting goals and I know that if you want to succeed in realising the outcomes of your goals you need to own them.

Here are my 5Cs for setting goals that get you there:

  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • Challenge
  • Consistent
  • Connection


Get clear on what you want, why you are deciding on setting goals. Clarity of purpose is essential to gain the best intentions for your goals. For example you may want to save the deposit for your first home. Considering how much you need to save and what else you need to think about to reach your savings goal will add depth to creating actions as well as having an outcome that can be measured.


Have the confidence to create actions that can reward you as you tick them off. Planting a sustainable garden can produce benefits at each stage by creating a use for household scraps, redirecting grey water to save money and irrigate your plant beds and involving family or community in planning and carrying out construction.


Once you commence setting goals you will also need to create actions to take you step by step towards the outcomes that you have envisioned. The way that you write your goals and how they challenge you will excite you to take ownership of your goals. How will my life be better when I have saved the deposit for my first home, or, be the fittest that I have ever been? Goals with actions that stretch your imagination, align with your core values and deep emotions are much more likely to be achieved.


As you tick off your first actions towards each goal, revisit those goals and create new actions that continue to motivate you, being the consistent achiever that you want to be. Creating positive actions, then focusing consistently on achieving the strategies and actions to reach your outcomes.


We can let too many conflicting needs cram into our lives so to ensure that you can maintain your initial connection, your goals and actions need deep feeling and meaning to bring your heart and desire into the achievement of what you truly wish for.

Get there, then Celebrate!

Do you want to be celebrating the goals you’ve achieved three months from now? Book in a Complimentary Chat by clicking here and let’s discuss how I can support you in bringing your goals to life.

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