“People with passion can change the world for the better”

Steve Jobs

A fulfilling retirement? Finding the creative spark to start that business?

My purpose is to be of service to you, giving you a safe, compassionate space that allows you to discover & create your next major life direction.

Rediscover your special ‘something’. Whatever you’re missing that will light you up.

You want to transition into a new phase of your life that fulfils, motivates, and inspires you. You are looking to build your self-confidence by reflecting your value, worth and self-belief.

Your vision for a happy life, knowing your purpose in this new phase of your life. A return to a stronger and more resilient version of yourself. When you fully know yourself and your true purpose, using a values-driven approach, you are living a meaningful life. This is the value that you discover when you work with me as your coach.

My coaching style is supportive of you while you discover what lights you up and brings you happiness. Together we can uncover your essence that has been buried and bring it to life.

You find what is currently holding you back in order to release ideas, emotions and aspirations. I will be a willing participant in your life as an orienting and empathetic coach who stands up for you, and holds you accountable.

Together we celebrate your successes and the self-satisfaction that reclaiming your lost enthusiasm, motivation and purpose can rekindle.

You find your heart-centred approach to living and enjoying your best year ever.

Purposeful life direction and career coaching for mature-minded women

Are you wondering how you will discover what your life purpose is?

I offer coaching programs that will orient you to discover your true life purpose.

Rediscover your passion.

Are you considering retirement or major change to something excitingly new and different?

Or maybe you’re craving a more flexible work pattern that fits around your personal life. Have you recently relocated to a different part of the country and are finding it difficult to find work that you align with?

Or it could be that you’ve found yourself in a long-term career that no longer feels right, and you’re contemplating retirement.

I’m passionate about guiding you towards the authentic life purpose for you. One that makes you smile when you wake in the morning.

I want you to know that you deserve it!

My super-power is listening to you and learning what you need for change.

“People who want to stand out at work, or face a job crisis, increasingly turn to life or career coaches. There are now an estimated 27,000 coaches nationwide (USA), up from 5,300 in 1998.”

                                                                                                       The Wall Street Journal

I’ve been where you are now. I felt stuck in a redundant corporate career until I broke free to start my own life coaching business.

Hello I’m Linden, a certified Life Coach who works with mature individuals who seek transformation in their lives.

For over 25 years I was a leader in a complex vocational education organisation. I led a variety of teams across the organisation from design to information technology and electrotechnology, so my understanding of the work spectrum is broad and deep.

As a change-agent, I’ve successfully pivoted many times to remain relevant to the organisation or role I was in. I come with credible experience including a Masters in Education, postgraduate Diploma in Vocational Education and a certification in Hogan personality assessment.

During my career I’ve led, coached and mentored staff to develop skills and knowledge to move forward in their career.

My organisation underwent a structural re-evaluation and my position became redundant. From there, the opportunity to study with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy became my next career choice. This was a special space for me to learn, thrive and discover lasting friendships.

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy taught me that every person I connect with deserves to be engaged authentically, to receive the very best coaching, resources and attention.

There is beauty and positivity to be found in every person generating personal growth and achievement, self-confidence and self-love. This is the inspiration I draw on when I see clients exceeding their expectations in outcomes achieved.


Purposeful life direction and career coaching for mature-minded women

Are you a mature individual who is ready to make a change in your life, yet you’re unsure of how to make it happen? Or what you really want next?

There is a solid foundation and model that underpins my work. Together we determine your positive goals and achievable actions that lead you to the outcomes that you wish for.

Purposeful life direction and career coaching for mature-minded women


  • Beautiful You Coaching Academy Life Coach
  • Certified in Hogan Personality Assessment
  • Master of Education UOW
  • Diploma of Training and Assessment TAFE NSW
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (Vocational Education) UTS
  • Bachelor of Visual Communications (Graphic Design) SCA
  • Certified Breakthrough Coach

What makes me, me?

My first love is being with my family, helping them when I can, and keeping myself active and healthy. I’m mum to two wonderful, successful and happy children. And I’m nana to two cute boys.

When I’m not at my desk I am walking my dogs, reading for pleasure and curiosity, and exploring new design and art concepts created by leading designers. I can also be found on my balcony garden nurturing flowers and watching birds and clouds. You will see me with my two grandsons feeding lorikeets or watching trains and planes.

I’ve done many hard yards and gained my ground through grit, experience, and determination plus a solid belief in myself. The truth is if I won a million dollars I would still be doing what I do. This is my dream calling and I want to help you find yours as well!

I am so delighted that you are here.


“If you can dream it, then you can achieve it.”

– Zig Ziglar

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