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About my Life Coaching

A fulfilling retirement? Finding the creative spark to start that business, or giving back after your career successes?

My purpose in life coaching is to enable a safe space that allows you to discover your ‘why’ factor – your unique purpose.

Define your vision for a happy life, knowing your purpose in this new season of your life.

Take it from someone who knows…

Don’t wait. Return to a stronger, more resilient version of you. 

Transition to a new phase of your life that fulfils, motivates, and inspires you. You can cement your self-confidence by reflecting your value, worth and self-belief.

When you fully know yourself and your true purpose, you are living a happy, meaningful life.

Linden Fuller Life Coach Reclining


After climbing the vocational education ladder, earning my masters in education, I reached peak burnout through restructures and their toxic fallout.

After being stuck in a career that no longer brought me joy, I realised: the best life comes from living in a happy and peaceful frame of mind. Not necessarily from accumulating shiny certificates or climbing rungs on a ladder.

For me that was a total life shake-up.

I moved on to become a life coach. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping you to achieve your desired goals and create a vision that inspires and empowers you to create a life that excites you.

I will be your biggest supporter, holding you accountable and cheering you on every step of the way.

Together, we’ll create your life of clarity, confidence and connectedness. You’ll feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as you make progress towards your goals. Your friends and family will be delighted to see the positive changes in you and the happiness and success that you deserve.
Choose a vision that lights up your heart. With my wholehearted guidance and support, you can lead a life free of uncertainty, and full of passion and purpose.

Let’s embark on this journey together!

Client Journeys

“I know I have done the work over the last five years, but I dug deeper and delved into my soul during this coaching series. I finished my vision board from 18-months ago – no gaps in my work and career section on my board.

I would describe my coaching experience as:
Inspiring, Connecting, Impactful.”

Michelle Green
Founder, Marquet Events

My Story

My super-power is listening to you and learning what you need for change.

For over 25 years I was a leader in a complex vocational education organisation. I led a variety of teams across the organisation from design to information technology and electrotechnology, electrical and refrigeration trades, so my understanding of the work spectrum is broad and deep.

As a change-agent, I’ve successfully pivoted many times to remain relevant to the organisation or role I was in. I come with credible experience including a Masters in Education, postgraduate Diploma in Vocational Education and  certifications in Life Coaching and Hogan personality assessment.

My organisation underwent a restructure and my position became redundant. From there, the opportunity to study Life Coaching with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy became my next career choice. 

There is beauty and positivity to be found in every person generating personal growth and achievement, self-confidence and self-love. This is the inspiration I draw on when I see clients exceeding their expectations in outcomes achieved.

What makes me, me?

My first love is being with my family, helping them when I can, and keeping myself active and healthy. I’m mum to two wonderful, successful and happy children. And I’m nana to two cute boys.

When I’m not at my desk I am walking my dogs Charli & Lola, reading for pleasure and curiosity, and exploring new design and art and innovation concepts created by leading designers. I can also be found on my balcony garden nurturing flowers and watching birds and clouds. You will see me with my two grandsons feeding lorikeets or watching trains and planes.

I’ve done many hard yards and gained my ground through grit, experience, and determination plus a solid belief in myself. The truth is if I won a million dollars I would still be doing what I do. This is my dream calling and I want to help you find yours as well!

I’m so delighted that you are here.


Linden Fuller Life Coach Ferocious Poodles
Linden Fuller Life Coach 12

There is a solid foundation and model that underpins my work. Together we determine your positive goals and achievable actions that lead you to the outcomes that you wish for.

Are you a mature professional ready to make a change in your life, yet you’re unsure of how to make it happen? Or what you really want next?

You’re in the right place!

Take the road less travelled
(yes really, I give you permission!)


Let’s dive into highlighting the holistic aspects of preparing for your significant life transition. Work and career to Retirement. We focus on personal growth, emotional well-being, and lifestyle adjustment rather than any financial aspects – leave that to financial partners.

This focus is on your Retirement: A Life Plan

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