Personality Insights for Life Choices

Know when it’s time to course-correct your career

You will get clarity & self-awareness on the career choices that fit your passions, values & preferences.

The goals and interests that determine self-satisfaction and drive careers.

In your complimentary 15-minute consultation session we discuss areas such as current or most recent role, professional background, training and current aspirations to set the context for your report.

Hogan Assessments should always be interpreted in context. You may also be asked what you enjoy about work and the biggest challenges you have.

Choosing Hogan Personality Assessments can determine ‘exactly’ what to do next when it comes to your career.


Why invest in Hogan Personality Assessment?

In addition to career choice, providing you with accurate feedback about the behaviours that you should keep doing, start doing, and stop doing is a first step to improving your interpersonal effectiveness.

What is included?

  • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) – ‘The Bright Side of Personality’
  • Hogan Development Survey (HDS) – ‘The Dark Side of Personality’
  • Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) – ‘The Inside of Personality’

Based on Hogan’s trademark assessments, the three-part series includes assessments derived from the tools listed above. Each online assessment takes around 15-20 minutes.

These three assessments provide particularly useful feedback about what you need to do to enhance your performance at work.

The assessments are a measure of personality. Specifically they measure reputation – what people are likely to see and think about you. The scores tell us how you compare to the norm group, ie Australian working population.

We discuss how you show up day to day, your motives, values and preferences as well as the development opportunities that arise.


Purposeful life direction and career coaching for mature-minded women

What happens next?

Your complimentary consultation session plus Personality Assessment leads directly into the Personality Insights Debrief session. This 90-minute session allows me to provide in-depth feedback on your three-part assessments, key strengths and development opportunities, as well as your key drivers.

It is the critical outcome from your Assessment.

A Personality Insights Debrief session allows you to benefit by getting in touch with your deepest values and what drives your heart and soul.


Hogan 360

You can also choose the Hogan 360, a leadership tool that uses an easy-to-interpret leadership framework to provide a real-time look at an individual’s attitude, behaviour and performance.

Measures used compare your self-rating against your manager, peers, direct reports or other nominated stakeholders.

The Hogan 360 benchmarks your score against a global benchmark.

Hogan 360 provides constructive feedback around leadership expectations and priorities for future improvement.

The Hogan 360 can be used for career-minded professionals wanting to take their professional experience to the next level.

Use the Hogan 360 as the start-point to your annual development improvement measures.

“Every day is a chance to begin again. Start today with positive thoughts and expectations.”

– Linden Fuller

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