My journey to coaching

You spend so much time at work, you deserve to be happy while you’re there.

My story of change and transformation to realise my dream job. The journey begins…

The last twelve months of working in the corporate setting were a slow, crushing period of rapid change and disruption. My purpose in the workplace had vanished through various leadership decisions that saw my voice as a leader diminished, and my role as a delegate snuffed out.

The waiting time for the proposed organisational change to roll out dragged enough to create turmoil and uncertainty at most levels of the organisation, and I believe the chaos created through this was intentional as a management strategy. How did I survive this?

My personal strategy was one of continuing to assist the people I worked with to try and maintain the flow of work for the wellbeing of staff and our customers. So much job uncertainty led to undermining behaviours, blame shifting and even rogue practices, and I was not exempt from the impact of these.

When long term colleagues begin practicing these behaviours it can have one of two results. It can make you stronger or it can erode self-confidence.

What was the impact on me?

My initial realisation was that my self-confidence had been eroded. I had already been physically slowed down, feeling lethargic and battling painful joints, and received two diagnoses of auto-immune disease which placed me on a merry-go-round of doctor visits, high doses of toxic drugs, emergency surgeries and feeling traumatised. I had never really been sick much in my life and this was a shock.

Stress! A big contributor to workplace fatigue and loss of inspiration. I maintained my role with diminished resources and voices of criticism about time taken away from work.

So when my final day of work arrived I certainly had mixed feelings. Sadness for the colleagues that I loved and would miss. Pride in my years as a creative leader in this organisation and the innovative projects that we accomplished as a team. And relief.

I now had time to concentrate on many creative projects that had not seen any attention, and time to concentrate on myself. And this has been the most important and stimulating aspect of leaving a major identifying career to having time for self-appraisal. Time for the passion projects waiting for attention. The biggest one for me is life coaching.

Reinvention and revival

I started working with a creative and career coach to rediscover me. I had for some years toyed with the idea of becoming a life coach and now the opportunity was ready and open for me. Discovering who I was behind the mask that I had donned every day with my corporate wardrobe was important deep dive work and engaging the support to clarify my core worth and being has been inspirational work for me.

Changing my daily rituals to include inspiring affirmations and building self-development practices into my day have led me through a healing path to reconnect with nature, beauty, creativity and my passion to serve others and give the opportunity to others that has transformed me.

Are you missing the inspiration you seek in your job?

If you answer yes, then working with a me as your coach could guide you to discover the joy you want back in your life.