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Unraveling the fears that have held you in place for too long.
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Linden Fuller Life Coach 11
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I practice what I preach so I know how powerful this work can be.


Have you already retired, or still weighing up your options and seeking renewed purpose and fulfillment to make the most of your retirement years?

  • My coaching packages are designed to discover strategies for staying mentally and physically active in retirement
  • providing guidance on pursuing hobbies, interests, or volunteer opportunities
  • helping you navigate changes in relationships, social circles, and structuring daily routines
  • supporting you to find meaning and fulfilment in this new phase of life beyond career achievements
By addressing your specific needs, concerns, and aspirations, you get the most targeted and valuable coaching and resources to embrace this new phase of life with optimism.

Meeting You Where You’re At

  • A state of stress and overwhelm.
  • Searching for clarity in your next steps.
  • Wanting to pursue what lights you up.

Leading You To New Roads

  • A renewed sense of direction
  • Fresh perspectives that inspire curiosity
  • Deep realisation of who you truly are
Are you considering retirement or already retired?
In either case, if you're feeling a mix of excitement and apprehension about your upcoming transition, my coaching services are designed to help.
My coaching services will:
  • orient you to clarify your vision for retirement
  • provide guidance on setting realistic lifestyle goals
  • offer strategies to manage the emotional and psychological aspects of retirement planning
  • assist with career transition plans if you're considering phased retirement or a second career.

I understand your unique circumstances and can guide you through your significant life transition. I’m passionate about coaching you towards the authentic life purpose for you—one that makes you smile when you wake in the morning.

I've been on the same journey, I get your uncertainty, and I know that together we can create the perfect solution for you!

How we can work together

Navigate your next moves

Investment: $655

Do you know what you want for your Retirement Life goals? In a 60 minute session, one goal is defined, broken into actions that start you on your path. It might be what you need to get to your best decision about retirement planning.

Using a positive mindset, determine action to make the biggest difference to smash your goal. We’ll meet up again in two weeks for 60 minutes to review and wrap up your results.

What is involved:  2 sessions over two weeks
Session 1 – 60 minutes defining your problem as above. Specific resources and strategies, planning ongoing action steps
Session 2 – 60 minutes.  Check-in, review and evaluate action steps.

Suggestions for positive future goals and actions based on results. Support by 3 emails per week support during the intervening 2 weeks.

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Vision for Retirement

Investment: $1800

You deserve a happy, healthy, and comfortable retirement. I will work with you to get you there. Not a financial plan but your retirement life plan.

Work through your meaty questions and half-formed goals for retirement. It could be a part-time work to retirement plan, hobbies. interests, or activities like volunteering.

Get your retirement sorted, even if it’s a little bit of time away. Planning now can put your long-held dreams to the forefront, and create your retirement bucket list for the time that the door closes on your career.

You will feel inspired with your plan and goals and think about tomorrow with a happy glow rather than doubts and fears.

What is involved:
6 sessions x 1 hour coaching series starting with a 1 hour goal setting session to write your in-depth goals for retirement that can include possibilities that you may not have thought of.

Sessions 2 and 3 follow one week apart, then a break of two weeks to consolidate and complete actions. We then recommence with three final weekly sessions. Optional: choose 6 fortnightly sessions if you want to take more time.

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Inner Compass Intensive

Define Direction
Investment: $855

Make Great Choices. Have you lost touch with your true identity? How you feel, think or act without the label of your career?
Take the Hogan Motives, Values & Preferences assessment that will determine exactly what you want for retirement self-satisfaction.

Involves 1 x 20 minute consultation followed by a 90 minute Debrief session.
Through the in-depth debrief you will become confident in choices about lifestyle, beliefs and ultimate life goals, good occupations to keep you motivated, basic aversions and the kinds of people you would prefer to hang out with.

Motives, Values & Preferences:
Hogan uses personality assessment to get clarity on the choices that fit your passions, values & preferences, your goals and interests that determine self-satisfaction, and drive decisions for action and change.
This assessment gives you a look inside yourself to provide valuable insights into what will keep your interest piqued during your  retirement years.

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