What is your word of the year?

2019. My word is Joy.

It has served me well for many of the projects, tasks and actions that I have involved myself with in my efforts to study, become a life coach, build my website and then promote this coaching business to the world hoping as a result to make a difference in people’s lives.

I have experienced the joy of learning. Learning something new is one of the real joys that I experience when I put my mind to a decision. I have experienced the joy of success in completing the Beautiful You Coaching Academy course that I undertook from February until end of July.

And connecting with Merryn Padgett at Brand Nirvana was a real joy, to experience her grounded, practical and creative influence in our collaboration to build this website, and also through her encouragement for me to design the logo and colour palette that feels right for me.

According to wikipedia.org the word joy means a feeling of great pleasure, rest of mind and happiness, while theopedia.com defines joy as a state of mind and an orientating of the heart. It is a settled state of contentment, confidence and hope. And something or someone that provides a source of happiness.

How do you define joy, and what has brought you joy during 2019?

Danielle Laporte believes this:

“Joy is what happens when you
make contact with your Soul.”

Happiness can be transient, but joy can be felt even in the most grievous situation as the possible light that will reconnect you to your safe haven and truth.

2019 has been a year of personal reflection for me as I have devoted many hours in evaluating internal and external situations and impacts during my transformation from corporate executive to life coach.

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement
and the thrill of creative effort.”
Franklin D Roosevelt

Engaging in coaching sessions and being a member of a creative collective of women, each on their individual but shared paths towards creative growth projects, has also been joy on a deep personal level where self-development and self-compassion have equally accelerated. Contentment, confidence and hope = Joy.

Will you choose a word to guide 2020?
Leave a comment to let me know.