Are you searching for clarity? The ultimate potential of looking at who you are as a unique individual and who is the essential you?

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Life coaching can develop your confidence and strength to set realistic goals to fulfil your potential.

The basic fundamental of life coaching is to determine the goals you can set that lead to your desired outcome in your personal and working life. The goals that you set with your coach are determined by the need you have to reach a higher level of being, creating a plan for your journey towards self-actualisation.

Abraham Maslow used the term ‘self-actualisation’ to describe the state that a person reaches when they achieve their goals and realise their dreams at the highest level of his 1943 hierarchy of needs.

Fuelling your desire to lead a rich and fulfilling life is the human response to reaching self-actualisation, or a vision for yourself that illustrates your inner calling to find meaning and purpose in your life.

The plan comprises the actions and strategies that map how you, ‘the client,‘ can achieve your heart and soul’s desires based on your discussion sessions with your coach and the resulting goals determined together. This is what your life coach’s role is, to assist you to build stepping-stones, maintain momentum and bring accountability to yourself to follow through with intended actions.

Goal setting is a critical aspect of life coaching. Goals should be inspiring and positive to move you into action and be willing to complete the actions needed to achieve them. You will feel positive, proactive, inspired, happy and proud when you complete your goals showing who you are as that unique individual and who is the essential you.

The next blog post will focus on the topic of Goal Setting and the difference between Beautiful You Coaches goal setting expectations and other coaches.

Become comfortable in your own skin and know who you are.

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